I was scolded by a cameraman once

SINGAPORE - Hong Kong star Andy Lau has been in plenty of movies, but if there is one thing the 51-year-old still hates about filming, it is scenes of eating, smoking and drinking alcohol.

Here are other humorous anecdotes that the star revealed to the media while he was here on June 26 with co-star Sammi Cheng for their latest movie, Blind Detective.

Have you ever been scolded on set?

There was once when I was scolded by a cameraman, who said I kept getting my position wrong and going off camera. He then said he wanted to nail me to the ground so I'd get it right.

He said: "Do you know how to act? Are you sure you came out of (TVB's) artist-training programme?

You should go back and learn it again."

So I really went back to learn again before I returned. I'm a very obedient student.

Anyway, the guy who said this has died.

What is the most awkward situation you've been in?

I was at the urinal and, at that time, it was fashionable to wear a long shirt. So I had to lift part of it before I could relieve myself.

The guy next to me spotted me, exclaimed "Andy Lau!" and stuck out his hand.

I was stunned for a while, and then I replied: "Sorry, I'm busy."

You have said that you plan to direct your own film. Would you cast your former co-stars, like Lin Chiling and Cheng?

I've been planning that for 20 years (laughs).

Chiling and Sammi have something in common; they are not afraid of dying. I'd scold them every day if I were to work with them, because they'd just go all out to do their stunts without caring about their lives.

I hope to find something suitable for them, and that they will be able to find the time to do the film. But there are no concrete plans now.

Currently, what I'm writing is about firefighters, there are no girls in it.

You dropped out of Iron Man 3 last year so you could spend time with your family. Do you regret it?

I think it's best not to talk about the past. Whatever I say will be wrong.

I just hope...that there will be another opportunity to work with Hollywood again.