Kovan murders: Why not follow car?

Imagine the gruesome sight of a body being dragged by a car in front of you. What do you do?

Other than trying to get the driver to stop and attending to the body after it fell off, none of the motorists who came across this sight on Upper Serangoon Road last week seems to have thought of taking any action.

I do not expect them to make a citizen's arrest, but surely some of them could have tried to follow the getaway vehicle and kept the police informed of its route and destination.

It is not unusual to hear of a driver chasing another across the island just because the latter cut into his lane or showed him the finger.

But not when they came across this shocking sight? Didn't anyone care about catching the culprit?

Funeral rites for victims of Kovan double murder
Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: ST, TNP, Facebook, TV screengrabs, Ong Boon Kok)

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