Kranji Trackwork: Flash Gift looks in mint condition

Flash gift: Opened his winning account on debut when he blitzed an Initiation field by almost four lengths over the 1,100m on the Polytrack last year.

SINGAPORE - With three wins on the trot, Flash Gift looks a shoo-in for his fourth success in Friday's Class 3 sprint over the 1,100m.

He caught the eye of many at Kranji on Tuesday morning when taken out for a spot of work by jockey Greg Cheyne.

Sent over the 600m, he clocked 36.5 sec - while travelling nicely on the bit all the way.

A four-year-old American bred, Flash Gift has been a real gift for his owners, Saratoga Stable.

He opened his winning account on debut when he blitzed an Initiation field by almost four lengths over the 1,100m on the Polytrack. That was on June 3 last year.

Three weeks later, and over the sharper 1,000m he again gave his rivals plenty to think about when he careened away in a Class 4 event to beat Soul Commander by three parts of a length.

He got his hat-trick in August when, although laying 200m from home, he still summoned enough to beat Running Tall by two and a half lengths over the 1,200m. That race was also on the Polytrack.

That was his last race and if you have any doubts as to what the 11-month lay-off might have done to him, dispel those thoughts. He looked to be in mint condition on the training track and he has only to carry it over to the racetrack to get his fourth win in a row.

Right now, he looks more than capable of doing just that.

William Low's Guide To Tuesday's Trackwork at Kranji:

Workouts by horses running on Friday:

CLASS 3 - 1,100m: U Got It 37.6. Flash Gift HHH (G Cheyne) 36.5. ne Smart Cat HH (J Powell) 37.6. Hard Stuff (KB Soo) 36.7. Daad's The Way 36.6. Miracle Bay 43.5. Royal Tudor 36.3. Zenidekka HH (A Munro) 37.1.

NOVICE - 1,200m: Lucky Come (WL Tan) 35.8. All My Way HH 41.8. Greenback (M Nunes) 35.2. Perfect Plan (Tan) 41.7. Big Ready HH (Chavez) canter/33.7. My Shine canter/37.3. Take It Home HH (A Munro) 39.2. Princeton 39.3. Shipping Forecast canter/37.2. Golden Knight HH 39.1.

MONDAY: Tomorrows Dreams HH (E Aslam) 38.5.

CLASS 4 (1) - 1,200m: Jet Man 41.5. Green Tracer 37.5. Pacino HH (D Beasley) canter/38.1. Bring More Money (O Chavez) 35.9. Good Loouken HH (Nunes) 36.4. Superb Success (I Saifudin) 36.7. Bourbon

Goldman (SH Lee) 42.3. Catch Me Now HH (Soo) 36.4. Flying Ahead 35.7. Gold Run HH 37.5. Premier Grade HH (B Vorster) 35.1.

MONDAY: Sulmona (M Airy) canter/35.8. Abyss (Z Zawari) 37.3.

CLASS 4 (2) - 1,200m: Work Ahead HH (Saifudin) 36.1. Yourstokeep 39.2. Flag Of Command HH (R Shafiq) 43. Arapuni (TH Koh) canter/36.9. Be A Man HH 37.6. Cheetah On Fire HHH (Beasley) canter/37.9. Caiyaya (Nunes) 37.5. Pure Tactics HH (Chavez) 36.6. Green Jacket 38.3. Zac Seduction 37. Excellent Beauty 35.8.

CLASS 5 (1) - 1,600m: Face Off HH (Chavez) 37.8. Victory Wings 36.3. Drumsara HH canter/35.4. Silent Power HH (Saifudin) 39.1. Baby Face (Chavez) 37.6.

MONDAY: My Sacrifice 37.4. Dragon Dancer canter/43.9.

CLASS 5 (2) - 1,600m: Ktronic 40.8. Chevy HH canter/35.4. Dragon Wish (LQ Kek) 34.9. Gypsy Star HH (Chavez) 36.5. Rich Born and Super Velox canter/35.5. Diamonddash canter/36.1. Good Day HH (M Kellady) 38.5.

MONDAY: Super Lucky (A Ng) canter/42.2.

CLASS 5 (3) - 1,600m: Real Goodman 38.7. Ninth Avenue (S John) 38.7. Sudden Interest 35.7. Johnny Hates Jazz 37.3. Triple Goals HH (Saifudin) 39.3. All Forus (Z Zuriman) 38.6. American Tycoon 40.9.

MONDAY: Princess Janna HH 37.4. Rollthedice 37.4.

KRANJI STAKES D (1) - 1,000m: Smart Samurai HH 37. Andiko HH Barrier practice/35.5. Carnival Star HH 39.4. World Famousman HH (TH Kok) canter/35.4. Desert Viking 41.9.

MONDAY: Perwira HH (Aslam) 40.8.

KRANJI STAKES D (2) - 1,000m: Anavila 34.9. Afrojack HH 37.1. Hooper HH (Powell) canter/37.2. Super Jetset 37.4. Smart Choice HH (KB Soo) 38.8. Not Free Now 36.7. Legacy 39.3.

MONDAY: Indulge practice/46.9. Power Angel (Cheyne) canter/35.8. That'stheone HH (Aslam) 37.2.

INITIATION - 1,200m: Simpang (Chavez) 38.1. Cassis Oolong 38.7. Bolshoi Ruler HH (Shafiq) 43.2. Don'twastemytime practice/47.7. Celestial Star canter/37.3. Keepitconfidential HH 38.9. Victory Touch (M Au) 36.4. Beverly Hill canter/35.3. Good Score 37.4. Alan HH (Nunes) canter/33.7.Lucky Lamborgini HH 39.4.

MONDAY: Rosso (Suhaimi) 38.9. Aces High HH 35.9.

Workout by horses on Sunday:

KRANJI STAKES C - 1,200m: Peaceful Warrior 35.6. Klever Man HH 37.5. Enzo (KT Cheng) 42.3. Hear Me (John) 35.9.

MONDAY: Great Wise HH canter/35.6.

OPEN BENCHMARK 74 - 2,000m: Bee Ahead HH (Nunes) canter/34.5. South Gate (Munro) 36.3. Over Easy HH 39.1.

CLASS 4 - 1,200m: Convict 35.3. Golden Curl HH 34.8. Faretti (M Au) 35.3. Kallisan HH 40.9. Rising Expectation 36.2. Sky Protege 37.6.

OPEN BENCHMARK 53 (1) - 2,000m: Bigcat Rhapsody (Powell) 37.8. Cartago HHH (Aslam) canter/36.8. Ninetyfive Arrival canter/35.1. Max Velocity (J Moreira) canter/36.1.

OPEN BENCHMARK 53 (2) - 2,000m: April's Knight canter/35.1. Seasons Wonder 34.9. I Like HH canter/36.3. Honest Wind 37.4.

CLASS 5 (1) - 1,400m: Jawara 36.7. Stride Meteor 37.5. German Roulette 35.4. His My Idol (Leong) 35.7. Power And Glory HHH 39.3. Dos Equis HH (Saifudin) 37.8. Grand Vitess HH 36.7. Reddy To Rock 37.93. Al-Hamid (John) 38.5.

CLASS 5 (2) - 1,400m: Notipnotips (D Chee) 35.6. Double Hock canter/36.7. Zena HH 35.7. Classic Thunder 35.7. Trap 38.2.

CLASS 5 (1) - 1,200m: Arabian Night HH 38.9. Beat To Quarters (Kek) 37.9. Court Magician 35.3. Dragon Luck 34.8. Risky Venture HH 36.6. Soaring Win 42.7. Gypsy Magic 35.6. Golfer HH canter/40.2 Win The Day canter/38.2. Conquest 38.9.

CLASS 5 (2) - 1,200m:Lucky Eighty Eight 38.8. Moova Bullet 41.8. Samurai Kid (John) 36.3. SS The Sprinter 40.2. Big Money 35.4. Knight Kingdom barrier practice/36.7.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN (1) - 1,400m: Mal's Dad 37.4. Surpass (Cheyne) canter/37.1. Horaz Samosir HH (I Santana) canter/41. Fahla Fahla (KT Cheng) 37.8. Verglatica HH (Kellady) 36.6. Flying Neko (Aslam) 36.2.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN (2) - 1,400m: Lucky Lion (Santana) 37.4. Feed Me More 39.1. Sacred General (KB Soo) 40.3. Sui Generis (Cheyne) canter/38.2. Dazzle HH 35.7. Super Six (Saifudin) 38.4. OPEN (2YO) (SW) - 1,200m: Exceptional Choice (Aslam) 36.6. Highlight 34.9. Piasau Garden HH (Cheyne) canter/35.4. Victorious Streak HH 37.1.