Raymond Lam deflects marriage queries

Wedding bells are rumoured to be ringing for Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam, 33, and his 19-year-old girlfriend and model Karena Ng.

But when asked by reporters here about his love life, the eligible bachelor deflected every question.

"Thanks for your concern, but I will not answer questions on personal matters," said Lam, with a steely look in his eyes.

This is despite him reportedly having announced his dating status publicly, and the lovey-dovey couple often being photographed by the Hong Kong media.

Still, Lam was open to talking about romance, as long as it didn't concern him.

That's because he was in town as the Asia-Pacific ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Ernest Borel, whose slogan is "Romantic Moment" and whose trademark bears a pair of lovers.

Speaking on the sidelines of the opening of the brand's flagship store at Chinatown Point, Lam said: "Everyone needs love in their lives, be it between lovers or family members."

But when asked what's the most romantic thing he has done for his girlfriend, he said that the question was too private and, instead, talked about the extensive range of couple watches the luxury brand boasts.

The actor was coy when asked if he has bought a couple watch for Ng, replying: "It's common for couples to give each other presents."

In town for a whirlwind trip of eight hours yesterday before flying back to China to continue filming, Lam was asked if his busy schedule included wedding preparations.

Still, he was adamant about keeping mum about his personal life.

But he did mention that he misses Hong Kong.

Having filmed three dramas back to back in China, Lam said that he's had enough and wants to return home.

He said: "I get homesick (for Hong Kong)... I hadn't been to Hengdian (in Zhejiang, China) for 10 years and, now, I've filmed three dramas there at one go.

"After my previous drama, I had only three days of rest before I started filming again. I really need a break," added Lam, who is currently filming period drama The Virtuous Queen Of Han.

The A-lister's contract with Hong Kong television station TVB reportedly ends next year and talk is abuzz about whether he will renew it or leave for the mainland.

For now, Lam said he will be returning to TVB to film a drama next year.

He said he tries to attend functions for his fans back home, saying with a hint of resignation: "There's only one of me, I can't be in two places at once."