Movie Review: Secretly Greatly

Cinema still: Secretly Greatly.

SINGAPORE - Movie Reivew


This Korean espionage movie boasts a cast of the top three leading men in K-dramas - Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo.

They convincingly play young North Korean spies who are sent to the South.

When ordered to commit suicide, they defy it, leading their chief to hunt them down.

Boyishly handsome Kim, who rose to superstardom in K-drama Moon Embracing The Sun, portrays his double roles excellently - as a tough top North Korean spy who pretends to be a village idiot in the South.

It's a pity that the movie starts promisingly as a light-hearted comedy but crumbles when it turns into a draggy melodrama halfway, with over-the-top fight scenes, shootouts and too much brotherly love.