Movie Review: Redemption (M18)

Cinema still: Redemption starring Jason Statham.

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REDEMPTION (M18) - 4 Stars.

I don't think I've ever seen a Jason Statham movie that I haven't liked. He makes almost any flick watchable.

He proves here that he doesn't have to karate- chop dudes left and right to be an engaging screen presence. The guy is a real star.

He plays a homeless war vet, Joey, who sneaks into some rich guy's apartment while the guy is on vacation.

Joey uses the opportunity to get himself back into shape, and then sets out to rescue a lady friend who has got herself in deep trouble.

Along the way, he develops a beautiful relationship with a conflicted nun (Agata Buzek).

Redemption actually reminds me a lot of Welcome To The Punch.

Nice to see the Brits so on point.