Include Nathan's stories in school lessons

I am delighted to hear of former president S R Nathan's new book, 50 Stories From My Life, which is a frank account of his journey from humble beginnings all the way to the presidency ("Nathan hopes to inspire youth with his stories"; last Friday).

I am proud of Mr Nathan's achievements. He had struggled in life and went through several hard knocks before becoming the head of state. His stories are simple, honest and certainly touch the heart.

He recalls his difficult childhood and his experiences during the Japanese Occupation, as well as the obstacles and challenges he faced.

In the later part of his life, he had the passion to serve the country that had given him great opportunities.

Mr Nathan also has an untiring love for his wife, children, grandchildren, community and nation.

From him, one learns not to take life for granted, or overlook the sacrifices made by the older generation.

I hope that our young, especially those whose lives have been comfortable, will learn lessons from Mr Nathan.

His stories should be taught in schools. The Education Ministry should explore the possibility of incorporating these in history and civic lessons.

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