Malaysia haze: Only schools in areas with API of 300 to close, says Education Ministry

PETALING JAYA - All schools located in areas where the API reading is 300 and above must close, said Education Ministry director-general Tan Sri Abd Ghafar Mahmud in a statement on Monday.

Schools in areas with API reading below 250 should stay open.

The state education department has to refer to the ministry in areas where the API is between 250 and 300.

Abd Ghafar said this was decided following a meeting at the National Security Council under the Prime Minister's Department.

"However, if the haze in an area has an adverse effect on students or if the API reading is between 250 to 300, the respective state education department should refer to the ministry on whether schools in that area should be closed.

"All schools that were previously closed should be re-opened if the API reading is below 250," he said in a statement on Monday evening.

Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said parents have the discretion to not send their children to school as long they inform the relevant school authorities.

Schools in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Malacca have been ordered to be closed on Monday due to the worsening haze.

The order has also been given to schools in Kuantan and Port Dickson, as well as several districts in Johor.