Indonesian visitors affected

The haze has disrupted the travel plans of many tourists visiting Singapore. One Indonesian tourist says that many Singapore and Malaysian companies based in Indonesia are responsible for the problem.

SINGAPORE - Indonesian Ikhsan Kurnierwn, 40, who works in an IT company, went to the airport early for his flight back because "there is nothing I can do as a tourist and also to escape the haze".

""I understand that the smoke is coming from the burning of the trees and I see that out of the companies responsible, lots of them are from Malaysia and Singapore.

"The situation in Indonesia is much, much worse. People cannot go to work and school. You can't even see more than 10m. If I can still breathe, it's okay."

Another Indonesian, who wanted to be known as Mr Sam, 52, runs a family farm and was here for a four-day visit.

He said: "I'm disappointed, I cannot go out, cannot take picture. The news says the haze is from Indonesia. Is it true? This is not good. I hope the problem can be solved soon."