Undelivered mail dumped in ravine

KUALA LUMPUR - Hidden near a posh housing area in Ukay Heights in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, is a lush green ravine with a dirty secret.

The site has been a dumping ground for irresponsible postmen who have earmarked the secluded spot to get rid of mail they did not deliver.

Two residents found thousands of undelivered mail in the ravine last Saturday and called the Malaysian newspaper The Star, which in turn informed a passing postman.

Mr Ismail W.O. said he was driving past the area when he saw three postmen loitering by the roadside next to the ravine.

"I was wondering what they were doing because there are no houses around there. I did not ask and continued on my way.

"Then I remembered that I had left something behind and turned back. I was shocked to see that their big cloth mailbags were empty. They had been full minutes ago," he added.

Suspecting something amiss, Mr Ismail informed his residents' association chairman William Atyeo, who climbed down the ravine and found the thousands of envelopes scattered about.

A rough check showed that some of the mail had been there for more than a year and was damaged by rain.

They were to be sent to Ampang Jaya, Ukay Heights and the surrounding residential areas.

"There are cheques, bills, bank statements, correspondence letters and many others," said Mr Ismail.

Some residents had complained that they had not been receiving their regular mail like telephone and pay-TV bills, said Mr Atyeo.

After being notified, Pos Malaysia sent a team to the scene.

Its workers retrieved most of the mail from two nearby locations along Jalan Tebrau 1, but they believe there could be more.

Pos Malaysia operations chief (communi­cations and distribution solutions) Helmi Hashim said the three postmen involved had been identified and would be sacked.

It is believed that one of the postmen has been in the job for several years while the other two are quite new.

Police report

"We will also lodge a police report against them for criminal breach of trust," he added.

Mr Helmi said Pos Malaysia would sort out the mail.

"Mail which is still intact will be reposted. As for the damaged ones, we will personally go to the addresses to explain to our customers," he added.

Mr Helmi said a thorough check was to be carried out in the ravine on Sunday for more mail.

Pos Malaysia Berhad said in a statement that all the letters would be collected and processed for delivery immediately.

"We want to assure our customers and the public that Pos Malaysia Berhad has a zero tolerance policy towards the mistreatment of letters and we do not condone such irresponsible behaviour among our staff," said group CEO Iskandar Mizal Mahmood.

This is an isolated case and a police report has been lodged," he said.

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