3-year-old makes it to Mensa

A 3-year-old recently made the news for becoming a member in one of the world's most sought after intellectual societies - Mensa.

The society of intellects only admits the smartest 2 per cent in the world, and these people are measured by their IQ scores.

According to the Huffington Post, Selena Janik, 3, from the US made it into the top 1 per cent. She was tested to have an IQ score of 135.

She was tested because her parents found her to be exceptionally adept at reading and math.

The child's mother, Cristy Janik, who was interviewed by WBIR-TV in Tennessee, recounted how Selena would read: "She would point to a letter and she would tell me what the letter said and then she would go to the next one and tell me what that letter said and the next one.

"Then she could put them all together and read the whole word."

For the test, Selena was made to put puzzles that were placed upside down and sideways, together. A teacher would also stack blocks up, and then take them apart and get the child to stack them up again.

She did well in both tests and was invited to join Mensa. However, she will be retested along the way as she grows older, if she wants to continue being a member of Mensa.