'Hardcore' burgers selling like hot cakes

KUALA LUMPUR - Operators of a stall called Hardcore Burger have been grilling up a name for themselves at the Ramadan Bazaar in Taman Tun Dr Ismail here.

The three men, who have full-time jobs, took a month's leave last year to try out at the bazaar selling chicken, beef and lamb burgers made from freshly-cut meat imported from New Zealand and Australia.

The venture proved to be a success and they have continued with their business this year.

The burger meat is marinated by the store owner, known only as Chef Zam who is a full-time chef. He supplies the trio with the ingredients for the stall.

When asked about the specialty of the burger, the person in charge of grilling the burgers, Muhammad Izzul Afiq, simply said: "It's the way the burger meat is marinated and the type of meat used for our burgers."

Muhammad, who is an entrepreneur himself, said Chef Zam operated his own stalls around Taman Tun Dr Ismail whenever he had time to spare.

According to Muhammad, all the ingredients of the burger are handmade, except for the bread. The stall's best sellers are the Automite Beef Burger, Chicken Mozarella and Lamb Mozarella.

Muhammad said they could sell more than a thousand burgers daily during Ramadan.

Although their burgers cost more than the average burger, Hardcore Burger still attracted a stream of customers.

A first-time customer, Syed Akhbar Idid, ordered the Automite Beef Burger with mushroom and beef bacon, selling at RM16 each.

"It is the only burger stall selling the mushroom and beef bacon flavour," he said.