TV producer found dead in apparent suicide

p>SOUTH KOREA - Kim Jong-hak, a star producer of hit Korean TV dramas, was found dead on Tuesday in an apparent suicide at a small rented room in Bundang, just outside Seoul, the police said.

The 62-year-old producer allegedly killed himself by deliberate smoke inhalation, according to reports. He was found lying on the bed by a building manager at around 10 a.m.

Kim left a four-page note in which he apologised to his family. Kim didn't mention his financial troubles or the accusations of fraud and embezzlement leveled against him in the note.

Kim was under police investigation after a group of actors and staff filed a complaint against him for embezzlement and fraud in February. Actors who appeared in his most recent TV drama, "Shinui," accused Kim of not paying them, even after the drama ended late last year. Kim had denied the accusations. The police had imposed an overseas travel ban on him.

The producer rose to fame in the 90s with his mega-hit dramas "Detective Inspector" and "Sandglass." After his early success, Kim established his own production company and produced another series of hit dramas including "Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi."

Kim had reportedly been suffering from financial troubles with "Shinui," as it failed to make a profit.