Customer gets pizza delivered in messy state

SINGAPORE - Stomp reader Haifa was shocked when she opened a box of pizza and found out that the slices were not only in a mess inside the box, but also came in a mixture of thin-crusted and normal-crusted slices.

When she called up the pizzaria for a refund, the staff member on the phone line told her that they were unable to do that, and could only offer a 10 per cent discount.

In a phone conversation with STOMP, the Stomp reader said:

"I ordered two pizzas -- Pepperoni and Singapura Special -- from Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza at around 5.45pm this evening (Jul 23) for breaking fast later.

"We asked that the pizzas be delivered around 7pm, and it came around that time.

"When the pizza arrived, I did not open it first and just left them in the boxes on the table.

"However, when it was about five minutes before 7.18pm, which is the time to break fast, I opened the pizza boxes and got a shock when I looked at the Singapura Special pizza.

"The pepperoni-flavoured one was normal and ok but the Singapura special slices were seperated all over the box.

"Also, there seemed to be a mixture of thin-crusted and normal-crusted slices, which was weird.

"I then called Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza immediately, without touching the pizza. I asked for a refund due to the condition of the pizza but the manager said it's impossible to give a full refund, and that the best they can do is a 10 per cent discount.

"When the rider came back to hand us the 10 per cent discount, we returned the Singapura Special pizza to them.

"We've always ordered from them but this is the first time we encountered a problem like this.

"What's worst was that this happened when we had guests over for breaking fast."

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