Gardens by the Bay congratulates Prince William and Kate on their newborn son

Gardens by the Bay also posted a photo of the tree that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge planted during their visit to Singapore in September last year. The white Pachira glabra "Variegata", commonly known as the Money Plant, symbolises prosperity.

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Here is the full statement from Gardens by the Bay's Facebook account:

[PLANT POWER] As the world celebrates the arrival of the Royal Baby and Britain’s new Prince (congratulations Will & Kate!), we remember this striking white speckled Money Plant (Pachira glabra ‘Variegata’) planted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Gardens by the Bay on 12 September 2012.

Like many of the plants found in the Colonial Garden, this species is originally from the Amazon, but was introduced to Eastern Asia where it became very popular as an ornamental.

Young saplings of this tree are often braided and used to decorate shop-parades, as it symbolizes prosperity in the region.

We wish the young parents all the best as they embarks on a new journey of their lives!