Sabahan hits $16.8mil jackpot

PETALING JAYA - A man from Sabah has walked away with a RM42.6mil (S$16.8 mil) jackpot prize after striking the winning six-digit Sports Toto combination.

The unnamed man is a commodities trading manager in his 50s who had been studying previous lottery numbers before coming up with his own set for the Supreme Toto 6/58 jackpot on July 21.

"His winning set of numbers 8, 15, 19, 32, 34 and 37 was actually the result of his diligent studies of all numbers drawn before," Sports Toto said in a statement yesterday.

He also won another RM41,328 from six sets of the second prize as a result of playing the Sports Toto's System 7.

Sports Toto said the man and his wife collected the money at Sports Toto's head office and planned to use the winnings to pay off their outstanding housing and car loans.

The couple, who were said to have been struggling with their children's education fees, would be looking into helping other family members as well before investing in property.

"The winner's wife mused that they would need some time to let everything sink in first while the winner was quick to add that there would surely be many family vacations to Europe and the United States," Sports Toto said, adding that the man did not intend to retire yet.

The man joined another three winners who won RM4.1mil (July 17), RM6.3mil (June 25) and RM 4.1mil (June 8). The winners hailed from Selangor, Johor and Sabah respectively.

The combined winnings from Sports Toto totalling over RM57mil were given out over a period of one and a half months.