Love of learning more important than results

I support Ms Marie Lim Puay See's view to keep alumni priority in Primary 1 registration ("Why alumni priority should stay..."; last Friday).

I was able to enrol my daughter in my alma mater and thus, I fully comprehend the feeling one would have for one's school.

My son, however, was unable to go to his father's alma mater as it has closed down. Instead, we enrolled him in a school near our home.

I do not think it is necessary to scrap alumni priority just so my son can register in a prestigious school.

Parents who call for the removal of alumni priority are usually the ones who cannot get coveted places for their children in popular schools.

They are also likely to disbelieve the Education Ministry's commitment to make every school a good school.

They should give the ministry more time to implement its plans and show proof of its commitment.

Parents who look for only academic excellence in brand-name schools should remember that in these schools, there are pupils who do not do well. And in neighbourhood schools, there are pupils who shine.

These parents should not be narrow-minded but journey with their children to develop their love of learning. This is more important than academic results.

Constance Chan (Ms)

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