Soundtrack review: The Lone Ranger: Wanted

SINGAPORE - The title triggers the irony alarm. Wanted? Not, going by the boxoffice, it isn't.

And what joy!

Another album "inspired by the film". So that's songs about empty seats? Losing millions of dollars?

This has a heavy Western tinge. There's plenty of slide guitar and shuffling drums along with plenty of references to riding, saddles, dust and guns.

At least it feels more genuine than getting a default boy band to auto tune their way through some tenuously-linked ditty.

Johnny Depp may have a hand in the choices as some of his friends and favourites make an appearance. Take Shane MacGowan rattling and rasping through a calamity of fun and Iggy Pop doing his best Lee Marvin impression.

There's good stuff here, but it suffers by not having a selling point. Unless you're a completist of one of the artists, why buy music that isn't even in a flop film?

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