Nightlife bigwigs form industry association

Key players in the association: (From left) Mr Woo Tsung Chwen, a director of The Butter Factory Group; Mr Andrew Ing, chief operating officer of The Lo and Behold Group; Mr Clark Martin, owner of The Tembusu Group; Ms Tay Eu-Yen of The Butter Factory Group; Mr Benny Heng, general manager of Zouk Management; Mr Dennis Foo of St James Holdings, who is heading the SNBA; Mr Joseph Ong of the 1-Rochester Group; Ms Heather Seow of The Emerald Hill Group; Mr Wendell Wong, director at Drew and Napier and legal adviser to SNBA; Mr Edward Chia, co-founder of Timbre Group; Mr Joseph Moreira, secretariat manager of SNBA; and Mr Lee Wy-Man, head of operations and entertainment of The Neverland Group.

The association will be managed by a pro-tem committee with high-fliers who cover all sectors of the nightlife industry, including commercial dance clubs, bars and pubs, restaurant-bars, Thai discotheques and even Chinese hostess clubs.

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