Hackles up over paltry $77 fine for dog abuser

PETALING JAYA - For the cruel act of chaining a dog under the blazing sun, an animal abuser was fined a mere RM195 (S$77).

Murugesu Vijhaya Singam, 44, was fined the paltry sum yesterday after he was found guilty under the Section 44(1)(d) Animals Act at the Ampang Jaya magistrate's court for chaining and padlocking a dog under the sun.

The maximum fine under the Act is RM200.

"There's definitely no justice for the dog or any abuse case when the fine is just RM195," said Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better adoption coordinator Christine Lai.

The abused dog, coincidentally named Ampang, is to be surrender­­ed to the care of the Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR).

Ampang was rescued by MIAR last Aug 29 after the organisation re­­­­cei­ved a report on the abuse.

The dog was found suffering from an infected neck wound.

In court, Murugesu said the dog was a stray and that he tied it up because he was afraid that it might bite or harm humans.

When asked why he did not get treatment for the dog's wound, he said he was waiting for medication from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

SPCA office manager Chelvy M. said Murugesu should have been slapped with a heavier fine.

MIAR president Puspa Rani felt "not enough justice" was served.

"Thankfully, Ampang is doing well. He has fully recovered but will need to be re-homed," she said.

Those interested in adopting Ampang or any other rescued animals can contact Puspa at 012-399-2021.