Math teacher cheated of $8,070 by online scam

JOHOR BARU - A mathematics teacher was cheated of RM20,490 (S$8,070) by an online scam that promised her a free trip to Dubai and investment opportunities.

The victim, who wanted to be known as Tan, 27, received a call two months ago from a man claiming to be from an online shopping company based in Hong Kong.

She said he invited her to attend a charity dinner in Kuala Lumpur but she declined due to work commitments.

At a press conference organised by Johor Baru MCA Public Complaints Bureau deputy chairman Michael Tay yesterday, she said the man called again on July 7 and informed her of a free trip to Dubai and other "prizes" worth RM120,000, and that if she could not go, the company would pay her the amount.

"However, to claim the prizes, I had to pay RM20,000 for the claiming process," she said, adding that she deposited RM5,800 into the company's account via online transaction.

Tan said the man called her again and asked if she wanted to invest her RM120,000, which would give her RM360,000 in returns.

"The man was very good in influencing me that his company was legitimate, so I deposited an additional RM14,690.

"After that, the man stopped contacting me or answering my calls," she said, adding that she had lodged a police report.

"The public should be extra careful as there are people who want to earn easy money by cheating others," he said.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Noor Hashim Mohamad confirmed investigations were under way.