Man sets fire to house after failing to find his wife

KOTA TINGGI - A man who became agitated after failing to find his wife burned down her family house in Taman Kota Jaya here, killing himself and two others.

Mahadir Ngapit, who was in the midst of getting a divorce from his wife Nor Ezzatdatul Erni Othman, went berserk when he could not find her.

The others who died were his wife's disabled sister Ezza Nurfarhainie Othman, 26, and another sister's three-year-old daughter Maliki Hanie Aziz.

Maliki's mother Nor Ezzadatul Fazlin Othman, 33, and another sister, Nor Syafiga Abu Sari, 18, suffered severe burns and are in a coma at Hospital Ismail.

Neighbour Noraini Omar, 41, said she heard screams coming from her neighbour's house before it went up in flames at about 4.30pm on Wednesday.

"I was about to leave for work when I heard someone screaming and was shocked to find the house on fire," she said.

Another neighbour Khalid Basir, 38, said he had just arrived home after work when he heard shouts for help.

"I ran out to investigate. I was shocked to see two women on fire and running towards me. I splashed water on them and rushed them to the hospital," he said.

Kota Tinggi OCPD Supt Mohd Nor Rashid said the case was classified under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

"The person who set the fire died in the incident, killing two others in the process," he said.