Star Wars fever grips Legoland

NUSAJAYA - The Lego Star Wars Miniland Death Star model stands 6m tall and more than 750,000 miniature Lego bricks went into making it.

It captures all the menacing purpose of the iconic moon-sized space station and superweapon that could destroy a planet with a single de­­­­structive energy beam - as first seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The Lego Death Star model, which opens to the public today, is now the main feature in a dedicated area at the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park.

It is also the biggest in the world, weighing 800kg, and comes to life shooting laser beams accompanied by sound effects.

Fans of the popular George Lucas sci-fi saga will also be delighted to see interactive models of characters duelling as well as smaller replicas of popular characters from the movie franchise.

Theme park general manager Siegfried Boerst said the Star Wars area would be available for a period of between six and nine months be­­­­fore it is disassembled to be display­­ed in another Legoland theme park.

"By the second quarter next year, we will be bringing in a new feature to keep things fresh and exciting for visitors," said Boerst, who was clad in a brown Jedi Master costume complete with a lightsaber.

He was speaking to reporters during the media preview for the model display where they were treated to a live fight sequence by performers dressed like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Stormtroopers.

"The Death Star model will light up at night and visitors can see the glow-in-the-dark tiles and laser beam light up against the night sky," he said.

He added that the theme park would be holding its first Lego Star Wars Days from Aug 16-18, where guests could participate in activities like mural building, special movie screenings, performances and lightsaber training sessions.

The park would also extend its operating hours to 10pm from Friday to Sunday, he said.