China teacher beats female student unconscious

He was caught on camera dragging the female student on the ground by her collar and out of the classroom before beating her unconscious.

CHINA - A teacher from a school in Kedong, Heilongjiang province, was caught on video viciously attacking 2 of his students.

The teacher, Liu Yuchun, was agitated because a female student passed a male student a mobile phone during their mathematics class, reported website

In the video, he was seen storming over to the male student and then kicking the table leg. He then proceeds to pull the student to a standing position by his ear.

He then punches him in the chest. Another teacher, who was walking by, rushed into the classroom tried to calm Yuchun down. However, he continued his rant and smashed the mobile phone.

In the video, he was also seen suddenly turning his focus to the female student and dragging her on the ground by her collar and out of the classroom.

Outside the classroom, he kicked her twice before she could stand up, and then slammed her against a wall. The student then fainted a few minutes after she was beaten and was brought to a nearby clinic.

According to, Liu Yuchun has been suspended from his teaching duties for 3 years by the Chinese authorities.

He was also ordered to pay for the students' medical bills and broken mobile phone.

It was reported that the teacher eventually apologised to the parents and students.