Laksa Johor a big hit in Melbourne

Special menu: Irna selling her Laksa Johor during the bazaar Ramadan held at the Malaysia Hall in Melbourne.

Johor Baru - A Malaysian student who is pursuing her degree in Australia has decided to provide a local dish for buka puasa at the Malaysia Hall in Melbourne.

Her Laksa Johor has become a big hit not just among Malaysians there but also Australians.

Ungku Putri Irna Mysara Ungku Mokhsin, 25, who is pursuing her Bachelor's in Human Resources at a university in Melbourne, said she was surprised by the good response.

"My husband and I are able to sell all our Laksa Johor within a few hours," she said, adding that there were 19 stalls selling Malaysian delicacies at Malaysia Hall.

"When I left Malaysia two years ago, I missed eating Laksa Johor and I could not find it anywhere in Melbourne.

"So I decided to make it," she said, adding that she gets her ingredients at the Asian markets.

Irna said she could not find ikan parang, which is the main ingredient to make the gravy, and had to substitute it with Spanish mackerel (ikan tenggiri), which makes her dish taste just as delicious.

She also said that she and her husband Ariff Azmi Datuk Abdul Rahman, 27, are busy with their online cooking show titled KenduriTV where she cooks Asian food to encourage people to try simple recipes.

Irna, who could not return home for Hari Raya this year because of exams, hopes to open up a small café in Melbourne selling Malaysian fusion food in the near future.

She added that she was heavily influenced by the array of food cooked by her aunties and grandparents during her family gatherings, especially during festive seasons.