Policeman beaten by urban management officer, gun pulled

A policeman in Qinghai province claims he was beaten by Chengguan, or urban management officers, while investigating a report they were beating people, chengdu.cn reported Thursday.

The police bureau in Xining confirmed to media one of their officers was beaten.

According to the report, the policeman received a report that Chengguan officers were allegedly removing a flower and plant base and beating people.

When he arrived, one Chengguan officer reportedly told the police they were enforcing laws and he should mind his own business.

The report claims the police and Chengguan then began chest bumping into each other before a scuffle started and one man tried to grab the police officer's gun.

The police officer then reportedly pulled out his pistol and held it into the air, warning the Chengguan team surrounding him.

"The Chengguan officers beat my head, back and shoulder with their helmets and phones…they prised open my right hand and grabbed the pistol," the policeman was quoted as saying by Xi'an-based newspaper Huashangbao.

More police officers soon arrived and the situation was brought under control.

Officers involved in the case and more details are still under investigation.

This is the latest in scores of incidents involving China's Chengguan, urban management officers, who are responsible for policing street hawkers, traffic and illegal food vendors.

Six Chengguan in Linwu county, Hunan province, were placed in criminal detention after allegedly attacking a married couple selling watermelons last month. The male vendor died and his wife is in a coma.

In Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, authorities suspended five officers for "improperly performed their duty". On July 15, the officers clashed with residents who were allegedly disturbing the construction of an electricity project over a compensation dispute, according to a statement from local government.