Not many use public transport despite fuel price hike

PETALING JAYA - Despite the recent increase in petrol prices, many commuters in the Klang Valley still insist on driving to work.

Feisol Aqmel, 26, who spends about RM220 a month to commute to work using the KTM Komuter and LRT, cites lack of parking spaces as a major issue.

"Trains are packed during peak hours, and although services have improved, it can still be unpredictable at times," said Feisol.

"Parking can be expensive but the LRT is still an affordable means of travel," said Goh Yee Yin, 24, who spends RM6 a day on parking and RM4 for the return train ride from the Asia Jaya LRT station.

However, Goh, who has been parking at the open-air carpark near the Asia Jaya LRT station and taking the train to work for the past two years, does not foresee more people using public transport as the LRT is sometimes slow, while KTMB's Komuter services are hardly on time.

Both Goh and Feisol hope that the Government would build more park-and-ride facilities.

"I also hope that they can allocate funds to get newer and bigger trains to make commuting more comfortable," said Feisol.

Existing park-and-ride facilities are full because non-commuters also park there.

Irregular train services is one of the main reasons why Tiffany Wun, 24, believes that driving is a better option.

"I hope the Government will adjust the fares because after making comparisons, driving is still the better option for some as it costs the same as public transport," she said, adding that motorists can also save time by driving.