An office made of cardboard

PHOTO: An office made of cardboard

If you think cardboard is just scrap material that you can sell to your neighbourhood rag-and-bone man, think again.

Advertising agency Nothing used high-stock cardboard to create their work space, building on their work concept of taking 'nothing' and transforming it into useful and creative ideas.

A modular system was used to put cardboard together into a grand elevated office, library work area, office dividers, tables and even a staircase.

The cardboard pieces are put together using slots and without any glue or screws.

According to online architectural and design sites, the structures are sturdy and can hold up a considerable amount of weight. Visitors to the office are also encouraged to draw and doodle on the cardboard walls to leave their mark behind.

But design and building enthusiasts have wondered, what happens if someone accidentally pours water on any of the structures, or if cigarette butts are thrown near them.

They also asked whether the cardboard could withstand the wear and tear of time.