Old HDB flat transforms into swanky apartment

PHOTO: Old HDB flat transforms into swanky apartment

SINGAPORE - What was a dilapidated, old and dark HDB flat has been transformed into a swanky apartment by some artful design and renovation work.

The 30-year-old Circuit Road flat has rusty and greasy pipes from cooking, worn out vinyl flooring and windows which didn't let in enough light.

The corners were filled with dust and there was rubbish everywhere.

As a result, the family of six living in this space did not have space for themselves. Two members of the family slept in the living room during the night due to a lack of bedrooms.

One of the family members, a 15-year-old student, had also not had a proper study corner all these while.

Architects from KNQ Associates tore down a wall standing between the access corridor and the living room to provide more room for the family to gather.

They also used colours to bring a positive vibe into the house.

Another wall that separated a bedroom and the access corridor was also removed.

In one bedroom, a wall-to-wall wardrobe was installed to segregate the original bedroom into 2 smaller rooms.

Using a similar concept in another bedroom, the architects used a wardrobe to partition the sleeping area from the newly-created study area.

The 15-year-old student would then be able to study late into the night in private.

In the kitchen, misplaced electrical sockets under overhanging clothes hangers and a bulky sink counter which obstructed movement in and out of the bathroom were removed.

The architects then built a functional kitchen which showed off clean, off-white tones while integrating plenty of closed storage.