Olympic medallist Fukuhara holds second wedding ceremony with Chiang

Japan's Olympic medalist Ai Fukuhara and fellow table tennis player Chiang Hung-chieh held their second wedding ceremony at Tokyo Disney Resort on Sunday (February 5).

Fukuhara and Chiang were welcomed with a warm round of applause as they entered the ceremony venue.

Disneyland's Mickey and Minnie Mouse also danced with them, along with other characters including Donald Duck and Chipmunks Chip 'n' Dale.

"Good evening everyone, I'm Hung-chieh. Thank you for coming tonight. It's a short time...(laughter), thank you," Chiang said at the wedding ceremony, as the audience giggled at his verbal fumble in Japanese.

Fukuhara, 27, began playing table tennis at the age of three and gained fame as a child prodigy in Japan, but her popularity extends far beyond her own country. Her fluency in Mandarin and participation in China's Super League have won her numerous supporters there and in other parts of East Asia, where she is often referred to as the "Japanese Doll".

Fukuhara competed in her first Olympics in 2004 when she was 15 years old. At the Beijing Games in 2008, she carried the flag for the Japanese delegation and in London four years later was a member of the team who won their first silver in table tennis.