One of these Samsung Note 2 is fake: Can you guess which it is?

One of these Samsung Note 2 is fake: Can you guess which it is?

Can you tell which phone is real and which is fake from this picture? A contributor to citizen journalism website STOMP couldn't either, and only realised it later that he had actually been duped of $307 to purchase a counterfeit Samsung Note 2 from a woman on Ebay.

The phone you see on the right side of the picture is the counterfeit product, and has a smaller screen and smaller stylus pen when compared to the original.

According to the contributor 'S', he had seen the item online, and made a winning bid of $307 for the phone. He then met with the woman who was selling the phone. S said that the phone, its box and manual all looked authentic.

However, after he brought his purchase home, he realised that the phone did not have the usual start screen which would display the Samsung logo. It displayed a generic android start screen instead.

He then checked with his friend who owned an original Samsung Note 2. A side by side comparison of the two phones showed that the phone S purchased had a smaller screen.

S also stated that the phone was slower and the interface was slightly different from the original phone.

He proceeded to check with Samsung about the issue, and the company verified that his phone's serial and IMEI numbers were erroneous.

When he called the woman to explain the situation, the woman allegedly refused to give a refund, saying that she did not know the product was fake.

"I said it was illegal for me to own such a phone, but the woman still refused to give me a refund," said S.

"Even the Small Claims Tribunal was unable to help me because I did not have the woman's full name."

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