Only 4 onion rings? Meal more measly than advertised

Stomp contributor Amanpreet was dismayed to find his portion of grilled fish much smaller than the advertised picture at a western food outlet in Bukit Batok, and was charged $6.50 for his meal.

The Stomp contributor wrote:

"I decided to have dinner with my mother at this outlet located at a coffee shop near my place and it turned out to be a shocking experience.

"I ordered the Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce set meal, which consists of any two sides from a list of 12.

"I chose onion rings and mashed potato and my order costed $6.50.

"When my order arrived however, I got the shock of my life. All I saw on my plate was one thin slice of grilled fish, a small lump of mashed potato and 4, yes FOUR, pieces of onion rings.

"There was no rice included and no hint of lemon sauce (all of this was shown on the advertising board next to the shop though).

"This was certainly not a plate worth $6.50.

"Compared to McDonalds or even other outlets that sell fast food in coffee shops/ eating houses, the food portions given were shocking and honestly, a disgrace.

"What's the point of fancy advertising when the end product is totally different?

"Although the food was decent, the food portions given were not justifiable at all.

"This was my first time eating there and it will almost certainly be my last.

"I advise my fellow Singaporeans to not patronise it, even if it is the their last resort for lunch/dinner.

"What do you think of the food portions ? I have attached a photo of my receipt as well as the plate I was served."