Peer-power beauty, an online community, offers a plethora of beauty products, tutorial videos as well as a user generated blog. The home page welcomes the visitors with eye catching slideshows showcasing featured beauty products that have been reviewed by members and visitors.

Blog contributors are free to criticise and review merchandise and give the products a rating out of 5 stars, this can be found on the sidebar titled "recent reviews."

The shopping section sells branded make up, nail paraphernalia and skin care products that are often only available in certain countries. Even though Beautylish only delivers within the US, visitors can visit the community page and discover products and make the most of the tutorial videos.

Members of are able to review products and rate them and visitors can browse conversations covering a variety of topics, from "I need a makeover" to "what should I wear for Halloween". Starting a conversation is really easy all you have to do is click the "Start a new conversation" box.

The tutorial videos are created by self-taught beauticians discovered on Youtube. The videos cover an array of topics including makeup and hair.

Similar to the blog page, an editorial page, with articles written by Beautylish's administrators, covers beauty lifestyle in general such as make up looks at this year's New York Fashion Week. These editorial articles are more in-depth than the user generated content and visitors can comment on the articles or simply click the love icon.

Information is not the only thing that the website offers. Sharing content through Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is done at a click of a button, thus, drawing more people into the community. In addition, to fit in to the ever increasing mobile world, the website has its own app, easily found through the iTunes store, for Apple devices.