Photos showing how bee hoon is made will make your stomach churn

Bee hoon, or rice vermicelli, is a common food staple found in Asia, but after viewing these photos reportedly taken in a factory in Dongguan, China, you may change your mind about eating them.

According to, the stomach-churning images have left netizens outraged at how the noodles are manufactured.

Photos show the thin white noodles in heaping mounds on the floor, as bare-foot workers step on and around them.

One image shows a worker resting against a pile of bee hoon, appearing to be sound asleep, while another shows a man resting his foot on a stack of the noodles.

Strewn around the dirty floor, the noodles are left out in the open overnight, risking exposure to vermin and insects.

It is not clear when the photos were taken, but this is not the first time eateries and food factories in China have been caught for their unhygienic practices.

Past food scandals include restaurants that recycled cooking oil from sewers, while in 2014, a factory was found to use expired meat in products sold to fast food giants like McDonald's and KFC.