Police officer, wife die in Taiwan mountain accident

TAIPEI, Taiwan--A car accident in a snowy mountainous area claimed two lives at the weekend.

Zhang Zhi-cheng, Criminal lnvestigation Unit head for Taichung City' Police Department's Fifth Division, was driving with his wife to Dahsuehshan to enjoy the snowy scenery but never returned home.

Their family called the police to report them missing. The police found their car crashed on a slope on the roadside by the 40.1-kilometers mark of the Dahsuehshan Forest Road.

Rescuers found the damaged car 120 meters from the road and found the bodies of Zhang and his wife. The couple could have been thrown out of the car when the car veered from the road, rescue workers said.

The police are so far unable to determine whether Zhang or his wife had fastened their seatbelts or not because the damage to the car was so extensive.

An advisory was issued for the road on the roads around Dahsuehshan Sunday. People driving to the mountain were advised to fit snow chains to their cars.

No snow chains were found fixed to Zhang's car when rescue workers found the car.