Police open fire to disperse angry crowds throwing stones at judge's home

Police open fire to disperse angry crowds throwing stones at judge's home
Mohnyin residents gather in front of the district court to show their dissatisfaction with the judge's unfair judgement.

People's disappointments over the judicial pillar are pilling up each day, and the confrontations between the judges and the public are increasing, according to events and people's complaints over the judiciary.

The most recent example happened in Mohnyin, Kachin State: the angry crowd discontent with the district judge's 15-year jail sentence on a man who raped an underage girl, and rallied in front of the judge's house on Thursday.

The police fired a gun [into the air] for over 20 times to disperse the crowd, as said by the district officials.

Back in the second week of Oct, the 15-year-old Buddhist girl was raped by the 57-year-old man of another faith in Mogaung, Kachin State.

The case was transferred to Mohnyin District Court. On the last day of the trial, the locals thinking that the penalty given by the district judge was not heavy enough rallied into a 150-strong crowd and threw rocks at the responsible district judge Saw Htun's house.

Htun Htun Wai, the Mohnyin district administrator said on Friday: "Yesterday, after the verdict was released, the unsatisfied crowd caused violence in front of the judge's house. The police fired off about 27 shots to scare and disperse the crowd. There are 150-200 people at the scene. Around 50 of them threw rocks at the house. We arrested a man involved but released him after we had his pledge. The situation's back to normal now."

A local in anonymity condition said: "The underage-rape case happened in Zaygon Quarter, Mogaung was transferred to and prosecuted at the Mohnyin District Court. People and monks from Mabatha [Committee to Protect Nationality and Religion] in Mogaung, Hopin, Mohnyin, Indawgyi and Namma regions had witnessed every court hearing.

The judge yesterday sentenced the offender a 15-year jail term - five years under Section 366 plus ten years under Section 376. The violence was resulted as people thought the penalty was not intense enough. The situation is now under control thanks to the monks and the police jointly stifled the aggression."

The angry crowd damaged a police car and the four police were injured. The offender was transferred to Myitkyina Prison Friday morning, according to Mohnyin district administrator.

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