Prank played on Sim Lim shop boss: Only name, address, phone number needed to order pizza?

Troll page SMRT Ltd (Feedback) pulled off a prank on Mobile Air owner Jover Chew yesterday (5 Nov).

Jover Chew's shop, Mobile Air, became infamous after recently refunding a woman $1,010 in coins, which included one-cents and five-cents.

A Vietnamese tourist was subsequently left in tears while kneeling and begging for a refund after buying an iPhone 6 for his girlfriend at the same shop.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, netizens were unhappy with the actions of Jover Chew and sought to punish him by making him spend money on unnecessary items.

Yesterday morning at 11am, Jover Chew's particulars were used to order three large pizzas from pizza hut.

The three pizzas, worth $54.40, were delivered to Jover's flat in Ang Mo Kio 20 minutes later. Journalists reported seeing Pizza Hut delivery men outside the Ang Mo Kio flat.

However, no one answered the door.

Things did not end there.

10 minutes later another order was made, but this time with the particulars of Jover Chew's wife.

Delivery men arrived for a second time at 11.55am, but once again no one claimed the pizza.

Lianhe Wanbao was unable to reach Pizza Hut for comments on the matter.

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