Prevent plastic waste with world's first edible cutlery

If you are on Facebook, you might have seen a video about edible spoons. The world uses and discards plastic utensils every single day, and the problem with that is, plastic does not biodegrade.

In comes the world's first edible cutlery by Bakeys. It is made of three flours: rice, wheat, and sorghum, and contains no preservatives. The spoon even comes in flavours like cinnamon, celery, and cumin.

It has a shelf life of three years, and "does not degrade within liquids (even hot soup or coffee) due to the presence of a large quantity of sorghum, a hearty crop that is strong, abundant, and requires very little energy for cultivation," explains Bakeys.

And if you don't want to eat it, it will decompose in four to five days!

Want to see this become a reality for most countries? Go to Bakey's crowdfunding page here.

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Posted by TheBetterIndia on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

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