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Woman gets death sentence for killing 3 cab drivers

After sex, she spiked the drivers' drinks and robbed them while they lay unconscious. -The China Post/ANN

Sun, Oct 24, 2010
The China Post/Asia News Network

TAIWAN - The Taiwan Banciao District Court Friday sentenced a woman accused in March of drugging, robbing and killing three taxi drivers in the greater Taipei area to death.

The woman's crimes merited a total of three death sentences and another 16 years and a half in jail.

The sentences were based on the fact that the crimes of defendant Jiang Yun-ching were premeditated and she had shown no remorse for her actions, according to local media reports.

When the sentence was being read to her, the woman was reportedly expressionless.

Jiang, 39, was arrested back in March and charged with the deaths of three cabdrivers less than two years after she was released from a ten-year stint in prison for drugging seven people.

She would drug another seven people after her release.

Jiang's modus operandi involved randomly hailing cabs in the Taipei, Taoyuan and Keelung regions and inviting the taxi drivers to party with her.

The woman would then take her victims to a karaoke bar followed by a motel, where the two would engage in sexual intercourse.

In their post-coital haze, Jiang would spike the drivers' drinks with ground-down sleeping pills she had prepared in advance, and rob them while they lay unconscious.

Three taxi drivers out of the seven met their deaths after their encounters with Jiang.

Investigators revealed that the suspect had acquired over NT$100,000 (S$4,209) from her criminal activities.

After drugging every victim and subsequently robbing them, Jiang would purchase a lottery ticket from local stands although, she claimed she was "never lucky."

At the time of her arrest, Taipei County police revealed they had been able to trace Jiang's whereabouts by questioning the vendor of the local lottery stand, at which Jiang was a regular customer. -The China Post/ANN

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