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China and US bust international firearms ring

A rare instance of law-enforcement cooperation. -AFP

Wed, Jun 13, 2012

BEIJING - China and the United States said yesterday that they have busted an inter-national arms-trafficking ring and arrested 26 suspects, in a rare instance of law-enforcement cooperation.

The arrests came after a 10 month investigation triggered by the seizure of a parcel containing pistols and rifle parts, at the Shanghai Pudong Inter- national Airport in August last year, China's public- security ministry said.

A Chinese man was detained when he tried to collect the parcel, which had come from New York and was destined for the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, the ministry said.

Subsequent investigations revealed that a 25 year old Chinese man, living in the United States since 2009, had been shipping firearms to Chinese buyers contacted online using courier services.

The authorities have seized 93 guns, more than 50,000 bullets and a large number of gun parts in China.

Among those arrested was a staff sergeant with the US National Guard, who had 12 guns in his possession when he was arrested last month.

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