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Transplant patient hates his new kidney

After the surgery, he had deep regrets. -The Star/ANN

Mon, Dec 20, 2010
The Star/Asia News Network

A BUSINESSMAN in Singapore had looked forward to a kidney transplant to lead a better life with his wife and child.

But after the surgery, he had deep regrets - because the kidney donor was his wife's lover!

"In hindsight, I would have rather sold off my property and terminated my business to get the money for dialysis,'' the man was reported by Sin Chew Daily - which picked up the story from the republic's New Paper - as saying.

His wife had looked for donors after his kidney failed in 2008.

A former classmate came forward to help and, as revealed during a court proceeding, he was also the father of the girl the businessman had thought to be his own daughter.

The scandal came to light during the businessman's mitigation in court after he was charged with reckless driving and causing hurt when he went after the wife and her lover.

The daily reported that the wife had also accused her husband of having an extra-marital affair and was physically abusive to her.

She admitted that she conceived her daughter following a one-night stand with her lover who claimed he was not aware, until last year, that he had fathered the girl. The couple were in the midst of filing for divorce.

The donor, when interviewed, said he was willing to give his kidney to the businessman because "our ancestors originated from the same village" and he did not want to see the couple suffer.

-- The Star/Asia News Network

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