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How far should schools push students?

Adding, subtracting and multiplying are seemingly not good enough for primary one students anymore. One school has given its seven-year-olds algebra exam questions allegedly meant for higher level kids. -AsiaOne Education

Mon, Apr 14, 2008

How much mathematics do primary one students have to know?

Adding, subtracting and multiplying - the typical maths curriculum taught to these seven-year-olds - are seemingly not enough, at least for one school.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, a parent had wrote in to the morning version of the Chinese daily about several of Pei Chun Public School's maths questions (see example below) from a mid-year exam held two years ago.

He reportedly felt that the problems given in the exam were too difficult for primary one students.

The parent told the the Chinese daily that algebra was only taught to Secondary two or three students during his schooldays.

"Taking into account the mentality and inference abilities of these seven-year-olds, besides making wild guesses, how else can they handle (these difficult questions)?", asked the parent.

The same parent also said that such maths problems will bring frustration to both the children and their parents, continued the report from Lianhe Wanbao.

He expressed that parents who are afraid to lose out will invariably go all out to sign their kids up for more tuition, thus causing their children to suffer.

Read the school's response here

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