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Luxury nightclub Pangaea unveils Asia's most expensive cocktail

The Jewel of Pangaea, concocted using some of the most expensive ingredients, is priced at $32,000. -Plush

Mon, Sep 24, 2012

Singapore - You could probably buy a lot of things with $32,000, but how about spending it a cocktail? Local luxury nightclub Pangaea and luxury jeweller Mouawad unveiled Asia's most expensive cocktail, The Jewel of Pangaea, at a launch event on Friday night.

Created by Singapore's award-winning mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong, the extravagant cocktail is concocted using some of the most expensive ingredients in the world.

The drink is made using a gold-flecked Richard Hennessy cognac, a smoke-infused raw sugar cube with Jerry Bitters, topped with 1985 vintage Krug champagne and lastly garnished with a Mouawad Triple X 1-carat diamond attached to a chain.

Founder of Pangaea, Michael Ault says, "The price isn't about what's in the drink, but rather the experience that is created around the serving of the cocktail. When a guest decides to buy The Jewel of Pangaea, the entire club stops and the recipient becomes the focal point of the room."

The Jewel of Pangaea was prepared by Leong for the first time with much fanfare at the launch event. He was accompanied by an entourage of Pangaea girls, one of whom carried a ring with the Mouawad diamond on her finger. The drink was mixed in front of guests and presented in a silver and crystal champagne flute to Ms Sabrina Ault, the owner and Creative Director of Pangaea.

"The Jewel of Pangaea was custom-designed to actually taste great. Most of the expensive cocktails around the world simply throw a precious diamond into a martini, but in this case I wanted to use the most premium products available, and ones that would perfectly complement the stunning Mouawad 1-carat diamond," said Leong.

With the finest ingredients money can buy and a ceremonial presentation to boot, this drink gives new meaning to the phrase "on the rocks".

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