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Radio DJ "in trouble" for reporting on Circle Line breakdown

Local radio personality Hossan Leong reportedly censured for announcing Circle Line breakdown before official statement from SMRT. -AsiaOne

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

SINGAPORE - Local radio personality Hossan Leong was reportedly censured for announcing the disruption to the Circle Line train services this morning.

The deejay was allegedly rapped because his announcement came before an official statement was released by SMRT.

He had reported the delays based on comments received on his Twitter account.

In another tweet at about 9am this morning, Hossan commented that he was now "getting into trouble" for reporting the incident on-air.

Hossan revealed that he could only "talk about it if (an) official SMRT statement is given".

It is not clear whether the warning came from MediaCorp or SMRT.

The response triggered a torrent of responses from angry netizens, with many cracking jokes at SMRT's expense and expressing support for Hossan.

Hossan subsequently tweeted an apology this evening for the uproar: "All's good. I'm sorry if I caused any misunderstanding," and asked readers to "move on" from the incident.

Thousands were affected by the delays on the Circle Line during the early morning rush-hour.

SMRT issued an advisory on its website stating that the train services were delayed as of 8.40am, but some reported experiencing delays as early as 7am.

The cause of the disruption was due possibly to signalling problems.

Passengers reported waiting between 10 and 30 minutes for a train.

Train services on the Circle Line were fully restored at 11.45am.

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