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PUB to spend $750 million to fight flooding

Immediate measures include increasing Stamford Canal?s flow capacity, which serves the recently flood-prone Orchard Road. -AsiaOne

Mon, Jan 30, 2012

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) will be spending about $750 million over the next five years to carry out 20 drainage improvement projects to achieve a higher level of flood protection, it said in a statement released on Monday.

The national water agency also accepted the recommendations of the Expert Panel for Drainage Design and Flood Protection Measures and announced its action plan to strengthen Singapore’s flood resilience, such as implementing higher drainage design standards and holistic solutions, building new capabilities and working with stakeholders to improve preparedness and minimise and mitigate the impact of flash floods here.

In addition, PUB will carry out an in-depth examination of each catchment and implement catchment-specific solutions to achieve the higher drainage and flood protection standards.

For starters, it will be introducing a polymer lining to smoothen the canal walls and diversion of some services such as sewer and NEWater pipelines for the Stamford Canal catchment, which serves the recently flood-prone Orchard Road, to maximise its flow capacity.

\Works are expected to be completed in nine months while the diversion of services will take up to a year. These immediate measures will help increase Stamford Canal’s flow capacity by an estimated 10 per cent.

And beyond expanding drainage capacity, PUB will also be developing solutions for better managing stormwater run-off and protecting buildings from flash floods.

Longer-term solutions include the construction of a diversion canal and detention ponds, and PUB will finalise these plans by May 2012.

PUB will continue to keep the public informed before, during and after the occurrence of flash floods with timely alerts and updates to the public provided through various information channels such as its website, smart phone applications, mobile text messages and social media platforms. As part of the enhanced services, images from selected CCTVs will also be made available to the public through its website by March 2012.


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