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We had oral sex, 20-30 times: Ng Boon Gay

Ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay's statements were in stark contrast to those from Ms Cecilia Sue. -ST
Andre Yeo and Elizabeth Law

Thu, Nov 22, 2012
The New Paper

SINGAPORE - She performed oral sex on him so often, he could not recall exactly how many times she had done it.

Asked about the number of times they had done it, Ng Boon Gay, 46, paused for a while, as if to do a mental calculation, before replying that it was 20 to 30 times.

The former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) director was testifying in his corruption trial after taking the stand for the first time yesterday. It was Day 10 of the trial, which is scheduled for 18 days.

He is accused of receiving oral sex on four occasions from Ms Cecilia Sue, 36, a former senior sales manager at Oracle Corporation Singapore and a former sales manager at Hitachi Data Systems.

Ng is accused of obtaining sexual gratification to further the business interest of the two companies. Ng took the stand after District Judge Siva Shanmugam ruled that he had a case to answer to.

Ng's lawyer, Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng, had argued earlier this month that his client should be acquitted as the prosecution had a weak case.

When Ng took the stand at 2.40pm, Mr Tan wasted little time in asking him about his relationship with Ms Sue.

Day 10 in court
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Day 7 of trial
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Day 4: Ng's wife comments for first time
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Day 3 of trial: Cecilia Sue back in court
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Cecilia Sue makes appearance in court
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Forced oral sex

When she testified in court in September and October, she maintained that she and Ng never had a sexual relationship. Instead, she accused him of forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

Then, dozens of people had queued to get a much-sought-after seat in Court 5.

On Monday, the queues were non-existent and there were several empty seats in the gallery when the trial resumed after a two-week break.

Giving his version of their relationship, Ng told the court he met Ms Sue about four years ago at a Tanjong Pagar pub.

He said: "I found Ms Sue attractive, cheerful, a very interesting person to talk to."

After chatting for a while, they exchanged contact numbers. Several weeks later, while going through the contents of his wallet, Ng found her number and called her.

He said they chatted for some time and called each other often after that. They then met again and Ng said they enjoyed each other's company.

He said his mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer at the time and Ms Sue comforted him when he was down. Ms Sue's mother had died from cancer, so she understood what he was going through.

Ng told the court that his mother died from pancreatic cancer in 2009. "During that difficult period of my life, Cecilia provided me with great support," Ng said.

She also confided in him her problems with her husband. She and her husband weren't getting along. "We shared our joys," Ng added. "We shared our sorrows together. As days went by, one thing led to another and we became physically intimate."

Their affair began about two months after they met.

Progressing from holding hands to kissing and hugging, they then had oral sex for the first time in April 2009 at a carpark at East Coast Park, Ng told the court.

He said Ms Sue lived in the area at that time.

After finding a secluded spot, they sat in her Mercedes and chatted before kissing.

He said: "She was a little reserved in the beginning. But after she became comfortable, we had our first oral sex on that occasion."

In one of her statements to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), Ms Sue said the first time she had oral sex with Ng was in a carpark at Prince Edward Road.

She said that after that there were more than 10 times when she had oral sex with him at nine locations.

When Mr Tan asked him about this, Ng said he remembered clearly that their first time was at East Coast Park.

And contrary to what she had told the court about being disgusted with him for forcing her to perform oral sex on him, Ng added: "She was clearly a willing party."

He later said: "There was no need to force her at all. Sometimes, she would be the one to initiate it. "I disagree with what she said and I don't know why she said it about these four occasions (of him forcing her to perform oral sex)."

He said they had oral sex so often, it became routine for them to find quiet spots after a meal to have some "intimate moments" - a phrase Ng used several times on Monday to describe their sexual encounters.

Ng said they engaged in petting and when Mr Tan asked him to define what he meant by that, Ng said he would caress Ms Sue's body and fondle her.

During the trial on Monday, Ng's wife, Madam Yap Yen Yen, stoically stared ahead as usual. A woman, believed to be her sister, sat beside her throughout.

Madam Yap was seen dabbing her eyes at certain points of the cross-examination, such as when Ng admitted to having an affair.

Towards the end of the day, she was taking notes with a green ballpoint pen on a small folded sheet of paper. Throughout his testimony, Ng spoke clearly and maintained eye contact with Mr Tan and the judge.

The only time he was stumped was when Mr Tan asked him if he was able to recall how many times he and Ms Sue had engaged in oral sex. "Let me try," Ng replied.

He paused for a while before continuing: "During the course of our three-year relationship, we met up about once a week. We did not have sex every time. Twenty to 30 times?"

But he could recall vividly the occasions when they were sexually intimate after Ms Sue started lactating.

She had given birth in May 2010. Mr Tan had asked Ng about one of the nine locations he and Ms Sue allegedly had oral sex at - the Halifax Road carpark, near the Tanglin Police Division headquarters and behind KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Ng said Ms Sue liked to go there as it was near her home and it was one of the "normal" places they went to. He added there were "five other occasions" when they were sexually intimate there.

One such occasion was in July 2010, two months after she had given birth. He said: "That was the first time we had engaged in sexual intimacy after she had given birth to her daughter."

Ng added that they went there again in September that year as she had wanted to give him some Japanese wine cups before he left on an overseas trip.

"I recall because she was still lactating then," said Ng. In court, Ms Sue had said she had never completed the acts of oral sex with him.

Enjoyed the session

Ng disagreed, saying: "I remember we did complete the act. We both enjoyed the session together."

Ms Sue had also said she was terrified of Ng as he held a position of power and influence.

Again, Ng said this was not so.

"I don't know why she said that. She was never frightened of me. We were in a very comfortable relationship." He described a casual chat he once had with her as "her boyfriend".

Ms Sue also told the CPIB in several statements that their relationship had ended some time in 2010. But Ng said that there was no break in their relationship from 2009 to last year.

Mr Tan went on to some of the intimate WhatsApp messages the couple had sent each other.

One of his messages read: "My SP has a chip, it's in your body now."

On Sept 27, when asked what "SP" meant, Ms Sue replied: "SP can refer to Singapore Polytechnic?"

On Monday, Mr Tan asked Ng what he meant by "SP". Ng said: "I was teasing her. What I meant was sperm. S-P-E-R-M."

Mr Tan: "Has she taken in your sperm?"

"Yes," Ng replied. Mr Tan then asked what Ng meant when he had asked Ms Sue to "take it in".

Ng said: "It means to have oral sex and for her to take in my sperm." The trial continues today.

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