PSI for the next 24 hours expected to be good

PSI for the next 24 hours expected to be good

SINGAPORE - As at 4pm today, the 24-hr PSI is 14-30 and the 24-hr PM2.5 is 7-12 µg/m3.

The low level winds are expected to blow from the south for the next few days. For tomorrow, thundery showers are forecast in the late morning and early afternoon.

The 24-hr PSI for the next 24 hours is expected to be in the Good band (i.e. <50). The 24-hr PM2.5 is expected to be slightly elevated.

Based on the 24-hr PSI and 24-hr PM2.5 forecast, the health advisory for the 24-hour period from 6pm on Sunday, July 7 until 6pm on Monday, July 8 corresponds to the PSI <100 band in the MOH Health Advisory for the General Public and Workers, as follows:

Normal activities for healthy persons, elderly, pregnant women, and children, as well as persons with chronic health conditions.

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