Questions on debt collection

As the executive director of an agency helping gamblers with debt problems, I read with concern the case of a man who attacked a debt collector with an axe ("Man attacked debt collector with axe"; last Saturday).

The case raised some issues concerning debt collection by legal credit companies.

The debt collector went to the debtor's house at around 11pm, when most people would be trying to get some sleep. Are there rules to limit the hours when a debt collector is allowed to call on the debtor?

It was also reported that the debt collector was working part-time with a legal credit company. Are such companies allowed to employ part-time debt collectors? Are screenings and checks done on the background of these debt collectors before they are employed? Many of our clients have said some debt collectors are thuggish-looking and behave aggressively.

I hope the relevant authorities can comment.

Deborah Queck (Ms)

Executive Director

Blessed Grace Gamblers Recovery Centre

Blessed Grace Social Services

This article was first published on September 09, 2014.
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