Queues for Hello Kitty plush toy are back at McDonald's with release of new design

Stomp contributor LoveToQueue said the queue for the Hello KIitty plush toy is back at McDonald's, with the release of the second design of the Hello Kitty Bubbly World collection in outlets today (May 5).

The Stomp contributor's mother had to queue for close to an hour when it was released at 11am to get her hands on the My Melody plush toy.

In an email to Stomp, the Stomp contributor wrote:

"Queues for the Hello Kitty plush toy have returned with the release of the second toy in this year's series.

"As expected, this My Melody Hello Kitty is quite popular. No queue was spotted when I bought the first Frog one.

"These photos were taken today (May 5) at around 11am in an outlet at Khatib.

"Thanks to my mother for helping me queue for close to an hour, I got the plush toy."

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