Quick help with road directions

I have a penchant for getting lost. Even with a map in hand, getting my bearings right the first time isn't guaranteed.

So, can Marbella's latest uNav HD 7 All-In-One HD DVR Navigator provide the fix I need for my poor mapping skills? To an extent, yes.

I was trying out the slim 7-inch device at night, one of the worst possible times for me to drive because my night vision isn't great.

Things started off well. It could lock on to a satellite fairly quickly, in about 4 minutes. I've had more trouble with older navigators in this regard.

The HD 7's larger-than-usual screen is great because it makes it that much easier to take the occasional glance at it to check that I was going the right way.

Since I have a fat-finger problem, the HD 7's large screen also makes it easier to select options, compared with smaller 5-inch navigators.

The device took several seconds to figure out a route for me and gave sufficient warning of turns I had to make ahead of time.

Even so, my dismal mapping abilities and a tendency to mishear directions meant that I could still miss turns.

Fortunately, the HD 7 was able to recalculate a new route to get around my bungling within a few seconds. It's not exactly a feat compared to recent global positioning system (GPS) navigators, but certainly a step up from older models.

One highlight of the HD 7 is its built-in digital video recorder - nice for cutting down dashboard clutter as you can save on getting a separate camera for recording road incidents. The videos looked pretty crisp when viewed on a computer.

My main complaint with the HD 7 and other GPS navigators is that their interface is a tad clunky in this day and age.

Still, the HD 7 is a fairly capable device. Its price can be a bit steep, compared to that of smaller navigators, but the large screen and built-in video recorder do help to make up for it.

Furthermore, there are discounts and freebies to be had for the HD 7 at Sitex this weekend.

Sitex price: $329 (usual price $389)

Sitex freebies: 16GB microSD card, in-car splitter, solar cooler, dashboard disc, and 7-inch sun visor.

Where: Booths 6F50 and 6D01

Sitex is on from today until Sunday at the Singapore Expo. Admission is free.

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